True transformation takes place on the inside first then spreads out.

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Creating a Brighter Future for Those in Need


Enrichment Services and Programs

Ensure the youth in your community have the support they deserve with V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Enrichment. We offer mentoring, as well as provide community outreach resources and partnerships with the people within the community. Assist underserved youth with a combination of practical skill based training, business and leadership mentorship, business and character development workshops and seminars, meetings, partnerships, job readiness skills.

Community Involvement

We make it our purpose to transform the lives of the youth, one heart at a time. The community plays a large role in the work we do. We give people in the community various resources to help our cause. We are consistently developing new programs to help out those in need. For those who have lost family members, we provide various resources to help them.

Working With Various Organization

Several of the organizations we work with include ACCION Chicago and Fashionably Unpredictable, ACCION Chicago provides loans, financial services, technical assistance, and services in economic growth through collaboration with small businesses within our community. Fashion unpredictable is women clothing store in Chicago that offers jobs to youth 18-21, mentorship, and resources to our organization.

Youth Mentor

Youth Reading

V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Youth Business Programs

The program meets two Saturdays of each month (September-May) throughout the school year. These meetings include guest speakers from the industry, exposure to the business world, events, conferences, and activities that promotes character building, leadership, and business-mindset skills.

Our youth members are paired up with business mentors, local volunteers, local partners and business owners/companies to help guide and assist them through the process.

Summer Sessions: a six- week program that allows youth to engage in a variety of workshops and hands-on activities that can help them to brainstorm and develop business ideas, write business plans, conduct market research, pitch their plans to a panel of mock investors (community members and mentors), and interact with local business professionals

Throughout the course of the year our youth will participate in a variety of field trips to local businesses and fun project-based opportunities that empowers them to take ownership of their future and take back their communities in a hear felt and impactful way