True transformation takes place on the inside first then spreads out.

V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Enrichment Center

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About Us


To empower, educate, and expose urban youth to the business world by fostering business and character development, and leaderships skills that are necessary to be more successful in school, their community, and in life.


  • To a leader in establishing innovative and practical business/entrepreneurship opportunities for youth ranging from ages 12-18 in the urban communities of Chicago and its surrounding areas.
  • To a partner with like-minded organizations and businesses to effectively deliver business development and entrepreneurship education to youth across the Chicagoland areas.


  • To seek more local community members, businesses, companies, volunteer mentors, local volunteers, local and national partners, local school districts, and colleges and universities to help guide and assist the youth in developing a successful business and job readiness skills.
  • Initiate programs in business/character development, leadership, and job readiness skills.
  • All V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. resources, services, and programs allow each youth member to become more knowledgeable about business development and successfully launch their own business.
  • To promote parent involvement, parent education, and parent advocacy for our youth members.
  • To gain additional donations and sponsorships for upcoming events, workshops, and program.

Core Values

Education: We believe that education is the one of the most powerful tools to use if we are going to change the world

Character: We believe that knowledge is power, but character is the actual foundation of all valuable success!

Innovation/Creativity: We believe that innovation is a definite instrument of entrepreneurship. The deed that provides resources with new dimensions to produce wealth.

Leadership: We believe that a true leader inspires others to believe more, grow more, develop more, and become better.